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DNA - funding

Although the cost of y-DNA testing has come down over the years, it is still not cheap!  In order to have meaningful results, it is best to use 25 or 37 marker tests and even with the discounted price for a One-name Project, these currently cost

  • US$124 for a male yDNA 25 marker test; and

  • US$149 for a male yDNA 37 marker test.    


However, I am now able to purchase 37 marker yDNA kits through the Guild of One-name Studies at a price of £80 (sterling), which works out cheaper than even the sale prices at ftDNA.  And I am holding two kits that are available ABSOLUTELY FREE to the first two eligible men to volunteer from lines where we need a first or second tester (see previous page).


Once these have been taken up, I hope to be able to continue offering a 50% subsidy to all further Adamthwaite males who wish to represent their line (providing they do not belong to a branch that has already tested) using donations made into the General Fund.  The more results we obtain the easier it will be to discover how long ago any common ancestor may have lived.


All test results carried out are held by the company for 25 years, and can be upgraded at any time for a further fee.


We are a comparatively small one-name study – and have only a limited number of potential male direct line Adamthwaite descendants for testing.  Realistically, we are unlikely to find more than about 10 - 15 people to test.  So, for most of us, we can only stand by and wait for (or encourage) someone else to agree to be tested.  But we can all help by making a small financial contribution towards the costs of the tests!  After all, we will all benefit from the research findings.


Family Tree DNA offers a secure fund holding service – so if you would like to contribute to the cost of testing, please visit the following site to make your donation: making sure that the payment form specifies that the donation should be held by the ‘ADAMTHWAITE DNA project’.


If you are a male Adamthwaite and would be willing to be tested as part of the Adamthwaite DNA Project, please contact the Project Co-ordinator using the Contact form on the left, to find out how we can help with funding for the test - it is important that you make contact BEFORE you complete the test order form, to make sure that you receive your contribution from the Adamthwaite fund!

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