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Adamthwaite Archive

"The website IS the one-name study!"


Calling all Adamthwaites (and Adamthwaite descendants)

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If your surname is Adamthwaite, or if one of your ancestors was an Adamthwaite, please tell us where and when the most distant Adamthwaite that you know of in your family was born and we will try to put you in touch with other living relatives.  Although we do not publish any details of living people on this website, we do hold up to date information about births, marriages and deaths and we have a worldwide mailing list of Adamthwaite researchers who would love to share any information relevant to your family.  And who knows, you might have information that could solve a genealogical puzzle!


Can you help us further our knowledge about the origins of the Adamthwaites by participating in our new DNA project? There is more information to help you decide if you wish to be involved here

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